Serving Transportation professionals since 1995

Our Services

Tri-State Traffic Data provides traffic data collection services to a wide range of clients. Our capabilities for small, individual and large, statewide traffic data collection projects include:

Turning Movement Counts

Tri-State Traffic Data, Inc. uses its large inventory of video technology to complete the majority of the turning movement counts. Data is provided to the client in various formats, depending on the needs and wants of the client. All video is stored and shared with the client upon completion of the project.

Our investment in video technology has allowed us to provide better data and reduce the costs for our clients. We will continue to invest in the best technologies to provide our clients the most accurate data at cost efficient prices.

Portable Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Counts

With over 600 ATRs in our inventory no project is too large. All equipment is regularly tested for accuracy.

Utilizing the most advance ATR technologies, we provide accurate volume, classification, speed and gap studies on a wide variety of roadways. Multi-lane classification counts present challenges that Tri-State Traffic Data can overcome. Utilizing advancements in both recording equipment and sensor technologies, we provide our clients with accurate classification data on the majority of roadway sections.

Tri-State Traffic Data provides accurate volume counts on all types of roadways, from small residential streets, to high volume interstate roadways. High volume roadways are typically completed during the overnight hours to eliminate the need to shut down any travel lanes and to avoid any impact with the travelling public.

Other Traffic Surveys

Tri-State Traffic Data, Inc. employs an experienced and reliable staff of Data Collection Technicians to conduct other traffic surveys including:

  • Parking Occupancy Surveys
  • Manual Classification Counts
  • License Plate Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys
  • Origin-Destination Surveys
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Counts

Quality Control

Tri-State Traffic Data realizes that transportation professionals need accurate data to successfully design and complete any project. All data is checked for accuracy by the founders of the company. Any data deemed questionable by Tri-State Traffic Data or the client is redone at no additional cost.