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Our People

Tri-State Traffic Data was formed by Jim Vetterlein and Patrick Fiore in 1995 as an exclusive traffic data collection company. Incorporated in 1996, and centrally located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Tri-State Traffic Data is strategically located with access to all major metropolitan areas in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.


James Vetterlein


As co-founder of Tri-State Traffic Data, Patrick’s goal has been to provide a timely and cost-effective way for traffic professionals to obtain accurate traffic data. With over 25 years of experience in managing data collection projects, Pat is recognized by transportation professionals as an expert in the field.

In 1992, Patrick completed graduate studies in Urban and Regional planning at the University of Pittsburgh. While in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, he was employed by the City of Pittsburgh and supervised the collection and analysis of parking data throughout the city. The results were incorporated into the citywide residential parking program.

Pat was then employed for over four years by the Chester County Planning Commission as a Transportation Planner where he was responsible for creating a countywide traffic data program including machine volume/class counts and manual turning movement counts. He was also responsible for reviewing all traffic impact studies submitted to the County for land developments.

Since Tri-State Traffic Data’s start, Pat has been the project manager on large statewide data collection projects for transportation departments in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He has also served as the project manager on hundreds of traffic data studies for engineering firms throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. Pat has driven Tri-State Traffic Data into one of the largest exclusive data collection companies in the region.

James Vetterlein


Jim has over 25 years of traffic data collection experience in both the public and private sectors. He has played a key role in the growth of Tri-State Traffic Data, making them one of the largest traffic data collection companies on the east coast.

Prior to starting Tri-State Traffic Data, Jim was employed as the principal transportation planner with the Delaware County Planning Department in the suburban Philadelphia area. He directed a staff of four transportation planners who performed a wide range of traffic planning and data collection projects. These projects included: developing the first inventory of highway improvement needs, developing traffic growth rates for significant county corridors, securing funding for major highway improvement projects.

From 1989 through 1994, Jim was employed with the Chester County Planning Commission in suburban Philadelphia. During this time Jim led a team who collected all forms of traffic data throughout Chester County. Other responsibilities included: forecasting corridor traffic growth rates, reviewing and writing traffic impact studies, doing level of service studies for intersections with congestion problems.